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The role of physical attractiveness in the process of seduction: A definitive clarification.

physically attractive men

Let's clear this up front: whether you're a woman or if you're a man, there is no doubt that being physically attractive is very important when the lift head start, and you should not trust anyone else to tell you: either you He is lying deliberately, or have lived locked inside a cave lifetime. I would not know which is worse. Being cute is a bonus. Of course. Undeserved or not, it is. That said, it is true that men give more importance to physical beauty than women, but that does not mean they completely obviated. Of course the value. In fact, every day. Or is it perhaps not you noticed how the girls spontaneously pay much more attention, for example, that tall guy, dark and striking green eyes, which initially would be granted to any other aspect merely conventional ?

Surely you noticed. You'd have to be blind not to have noticed. So for me, being as I am a type of sparsely remarkable physical appearance, that feeling of leaving the race always behind those who are more attractive than me, think of a day in; another, too. From Monday to Sunday. I'm not dumb. I am well aware that some of my friends have to do very little for hot women to take an interest in them spontaneously. His strong and muscular build, his disarming smile, his height, or whatever it is you stand on them, they greatly simplifies the process.

I usually say that, in the drawing of the genetic lottery, they hit a winner tenth. Not me. I know and I assume. Adversity a blessing in disguise. However. You think I let that get in my way? You think you know I'm the type of lot physically made me head down and display an attitude of victim? Do not even dream about it! It is rather the opposite. I firmly believe that the fact that I know conventional in this particular facet is the best thing that happened to me in life: a blessing cleverly disguised as a setback. Absolutely I think so!

In my head, in addition, there are few doubts. I think if he had been physically more attractive than I am, I would have never gone this far. I would never ever come to become the person I am now. Paradoxically, I believe equally strongly that, with a body and a face more palatable or suggestive for women, never ever have been so successful with them as I did as I am. It looks like a completely meaningless statement. And yet, it is not. Let me explain. If it had been an Adonis, if I had everything going for me from the beginning, I would never have developed my character to the point that I have, and never in my life I had learned everything I now know about women. I know it would be nice not seized more than a small part of my potential. I would have sacrificed much less and would not have gone as far as I arrived. It has been my full conviction that it was only one type of lot (and I will prove to myself and everyone else who might still be a seducer of women Extraordinary) which has encouraged me to pursue my success with stubbornness and a level of dedication, almost sickly, against which few can compete.

When I first arrived and bitter failures with women, I did what I always do when I crashed into a wall that I want to transfer: collect all the information I could about the subject, I dissect it to understand its intricacies and invisible mechanisms and fight vehemently, with all the force of which I am capable. I read and learned everything I could about women, then I went out to implement the real world. Was it hard ?, was difficult? Sure, bet on it. At first, I had many more failures than successes, I made all the mistakes that can be committed humanely with women, and received more negative in a couple of years for which most men receive in their lifetime. However, little by little, gradually, everything started falling into place. We grasp the pulse of the matter and the things charged full sense to me. It was growing on me with the best women I had ever done. He was able to spark interest and attraction in most of the I intended to, with, in addition, an efficiency that until then believed quite simply impossible. He had power over women, more than I had ever felt before. And I do not think I need to tell you that's a wonderful feeling. When one has fought both when fought with such fury and obstinacy to get something he wanted dearly, suddenly seen crossing the finish line is an indescribable feeling, which makes it you moisten the eyes of joy.

Why am I telling you all this. And what does this have to do with you? All. If you are attractive, if you are someone who melts women with just a look, then, congratulations, you have advantage. Use it. But if you're not particularly attractive, do not let that amilane you. Fight. Fight. Develop your character and go even to things that even thought possible.

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How to make a woman fall for you no matter what is her profession

man giving compliment to girl

Today I'll share a very serious and unfortunately very common mistake that most men do with women when trying to seduce women, but once you finish reading this article you will be one step ahead of them, pay attention:
When a common man meets a beautiful woman, it automatically begins to treat her like a princess, and only offer, just because it's a beauty begins to treat her too well, to buy gifts, to do favors, to make compliments undeserved, etc etc.

This is a big mistake! " To treat beautiful women like princesses"

She thinks that she can have any man kissing her feet whenever she wants it, and unfortunately it's true. This situation makes it: arrogant, superficial, false, materialistic etc.

This happens with any kind of women no matter the profession but, this is very common on girls that their looks are a very big part of their job, like models, strippers or escorts. Specially with escorts acompanhantes since a major part of their job is all about been dress to kill and to look really really hot. Lots of really hot and sexy escorts women latinas the best from Brazil feel this way with man.

To check them out try the links bellow:

I know you've known women like that, but not the blame, environment and especially the inexperienced men have helped them to be so.

What you have to do is: NOT TO BE ONE OF THESE GUYS!

Look at this example in internet you see a picture on Facebook from a hot girl no matter her profession:

You see this beauty? it is what we all see, and what we normally would comment all they are:

  • She is so HOT!

  • How pretty

  • That beautiful woman

  • Mami

  • How beautiful

  • Etc. etc.

What you have to do?

Dont Follow that pattern ignore it.
This refers simply to be different from the rest of a seductive manner.
You can say something like:

  • That pretty, real? (Here we are using a nega)

  • What a great picture, the fillings they cost you? (A slightly stronger nega)

  • Wow, thanks for delight as well (you are the prize)

Such comments are original work because of a seductive manner.
In the real world, when dealing with a girl and not be afraid to bother actually do it.

  • Bother her

  • Make fun of it in a fun way

  • Make him a question that will not know the answer and laugh about it (always without lacking respect clear)
  • Use negas: That well dressed come today, whom you chose your clothes?

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Openers to seduce a girl on Facebook

Today I was with one of the girls in my harem (the redhead), and we were talking of facebook, and asked him about what was happening I could write in the blog today, and gave me a very good idea: phrases Start to facebook, which work well also chat, etc.

girls to meet on facebook

So today I bring three phrases you can use to start a conversation with girls on Facebook in an original way.

That you enjoy it!

1. You: Hi how are you? :-)
She: Well well and you?
You: I'm about to get out into the street, you want to come?

This is somewhat risky, but very interesting, Here you can start the conversation as she tells you, you can also get a routine, a history etc.

There are certain occasions when women have access to this invitation, this is according to the mood you bring in that time, so if you say yes, and gives you entry, FORWARD or think and go with it and enjoy!

2. Pre opener, You: Hello!
She: Hello
Opener: I added because I thought you were a nice woman with good sense of humor, I'm right or I just got carried away by appearances?
This works every time!
After ten prepared a story to continue the conversation with her.

3. You: Hello! Evan and I call you?
She: Monica
You: Monica ... just curious ... HISTORY

In this opening sentence that makes the difference is the story that tell you, it must be short, funny, and you can add the preselection (other women interested in you)

online chat dating openers

Soon I'll be posting some examples of stories to your conversations!

For now I leave material for you to put into practice now.
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5 Secrets to Seduce Women

sexy ladies seducing a man on bar

1. Be secure and confident as a rock

Certainly in theory and in practice this is one of the most important qualities that every man must have in order to seduce women both online and in the real world, but how do you prove a girl you have confidence in yourself?

Show yourself comfortable in the environment in which you find yourself

You do not care what others think of you

You can enter any important conversation and follow it without problems

No stutter and tremble when talking

Women enjoy to play with weak, submissive and weak men, so do not be of such men

woman seducing man on bar

2. Have a positive attitude towards life

This is an attitude that will serve not only to seduce women, but also for life in general, when you talk with people focus on the good and positive rather than the bad things things.

A friend who went, was a dark, told me Mr. Positivism, because they always find the bright side of things, she did it as a joke, but well that ended up in bed with Mr. positivism.

Being positive makes you a more attractive and outgoing, which eventually will lead you to your ultimate goal with women.

Just remember this: positive mental attitude towards women and life.

hot women seducing man

3. Having defined objectives in life

This is one of the most important secrets to seduce women, and one of the qualities most admired and desired by women.

To give you an example you have to understand something important:

If a man focuses all their happiness and their life goals around a woman, it is sure to have a big suffering if the relationship ends because all their life goals would be destroyed.

I do not say you do not have goals with women, but if your goals in life do not have to do with women, it may be your job, a sport, your hobby, your business, a dream you want to achieve.

Having defined objectives makes you a more attractive man in the eyes of women, in fact is a magnet technique that works in all cases, you only have to prove that you have a fabulous life with or without women, it also makes you a NO man which is much needed very attractive to women.

hot girl at work seducing coworker man

4. Hide your true feelings

Never let him know you're interested in it, must be to the end, in fact this is one of the most typical mistakes that men with women: "Declared" telling your true feelings (without having worked on creating attraction sexual) and therefore most of the men who do this are cruelly rejected.

Do not do this!

First take an interest in being their "friend" and only that (will use the strategy they use them, but in your favor) that the mistake and she knows that when men seek (and especially if nice) because they want to seek have something with it, and if you look for it just to get an innocent "friendship" (internet works great) the leave unarmed.

sexy woman seducing man on date dinner

5. Dare

This is my favorite, makes seduction fun to learn something, makes your heart beat very strong and gives a meaning to life than just get to see and enjoy after you dared to do something they would not normally do.

The first few times I dared to kiss a girl, I did a supernatural effort to not realize that the heart was about to leave me! and my legs were shaking! Adrenaline was everything that gives, it's a great feeling. I recommend that you experience enormously.

Online you can play songs of sexual connotation with the girl, make her imagine a situation where they are just her and you, saying things with double meanings, give incriminating questions etc.

Being bold increases "sexual tension" between a woman and you, crucial thing to see you as a "man" and not just as a friend.

Add this knowledge to your personality and above all never stop learning! this is the number one secret to success in any area of ​​your life.
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What to do if she does not know you exist?

woman thinks he is invisible and does not exist

What to do if she does not know you exist? this is a question I was asked many of my subscribers when I conducted a survey on the type of information they would like to receive free.

So now it's time to answer this question, what can a man do for a girl to notice him if not even know it exists?
If you are going through this situation do not worry, this is very common that has happened to most. This is a very broad topic in the PUA world, but here I'll summarize what you can do if she does not even realize you're around.

woman ignoring boy

1. Get Better

It seems obvious to say, but there are hundreds of men who never care to be better, always remain where they are and see in several years, you already did it quite a bit and they continue right where this attitude NO attracts women, much less den makes it "tells" you're out there.

Internet searches on the style, not fashion (that's only a big deal) but the male personal style is something that differentiates you from all other men and help you NOT be one of the bunch.

Also do not forget: go to the gym, buy new clothes, accessories used and possibly a perfume or cologne.
This aspect is the first thing you need for her to start you "note" in fact if it is a girl who has seen you several times and "pretend" not realizing you're there, I assure you that when you see your improved appearance Personal undoubtedly will be intrigued to know the reason why now you look so good.

2. Use the technique of the other girl

Remember that the most powerful weapon to attract a woman is her body, and a man is a pretty woman.

This powerful technique of seduction, is that your goal (the girl you want me to notice you) see you with another girl (the more attractive the better) and this is where many can not perform this technique because they just have girlfriends and they do not are so appealing, because here in tip: Maybe your cousin, and even your sister (if she does not know, then works the same)

If you can not use any of this, then make a sexy friend! How? It is very easy, just come closer, say hello, and tell you just want to be your friend, she is delighted your sincerity.

Also as a special item: a most attractive women today find it really difficult to have male friends as they always end up declaring his love. They want to have a FRIEND who do not fall in love with them!

3. Come near and talk

This is perhaps one of the most difficult due to nerves and fear you feel, do not worry, we all feel it at first, with practice disappears.

Very important: Before you approach her to get talk, you MUST have it all planned: the phrase that going to open, add some stories where some qualities of a desirable man (brave, adventurous, honest, faithful, sociable etc.) and your ultimate goal either a kiss, your phone number, a future appointment, or just finally know you exist (in this case I recommend the phone)

Done with this that others she knows you exist, besides it will generate curiosity, if your talk is good will generate attraction, and everything she did well that others want to meet you again.

If you want to learn more about this topic, about what comes next, and seduction in general, I recommend my book Final Seduction

Where I reveal All you need to know to seduce a woman online (dating sites and social networks) Real World (bars, clubs, festivals, parks, libraries, street, etc) and the keys to the Loving Relationship most beautiful and exciting that you had ever dreamed!

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Technique to ask out a woman

boy using technique to ask girl out

Well, I will now share a technique that I personally use to ask out a woman, this technique works both online, and by phone, and even by SMS. With this technique I could go out with very beautiful women dating sites, facebook, and girls I've met in the streets, bars, etc.


For this technique to be effective, you have to remove from your mind the word "Quote"

She did not have to think that they will have a "date" because this would make up their defenses.

I will say, "but Evan, I want you to dinner or to the movies" NO! it is wrong to ask her out to a movie or dinner, these two are typical mistakes beginners Majority of men do not!

boy asking woman out


Because they will make you wait, you can repent and cancelarte at the last moment, and its value will be higher than yours because she will be evaluating you from the first minute!

These places are the worst places to take a woman before going to bed with her.

Well, then the technique to ask out a woman is:

You have to invite her to accompany you to do something interesting.

For example:

1. You: well, since I have to go Jessica, but what about if you come with me on Saturday at "x" place as I do "x" thing.

2. I have to go to the mall to buy "x" thing I need, why do not you join me?

This is the key, you have to take your "World" because you are the prize, you are the alpha male, you are a man of high value.

You want to take her out to have fun, to have fun, to meet and be friends and not to have a date.

This makes it very difficult to cancel you, or make you feel you have to wait or evaluate you to see how they were like man in the "date", also she will be more relaxed and open to have fun and hang out with you!
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How to Attract Women (Highly Attractive Quality Women)

attracting women

I took a short span of time to teach a very IMPORTANT quality that you must have to attract women (have to spend your time also to the girls that one out :-)

This quality is essential for your happiness and pleasures with women, can not afford to not have it!

So I followed my commitment to become a loved and desired by women man, here I share a VERY important to attract women Quality:

Ten goals in life, More Important Than A Woman

You tell me: but if she feels it is not important for me, will lose interest!

NO! that thought is what makes men fail with women! You have to know that they think in a very different way than us men, trust me: The day that a woman has the complete and Total Security that she is most important to you in life, to the extent that without it You can not live, you lost the game and there is nothing that interested you.

Having goals in life more important than a woman has other Significant benefits:

If you have a relationship with a woman, and for some reason, things did not end well, no problem! will hurt a bit if, but you can go ahead and continue with your life.

woman attracted to man

The opposite happens if a man focuses all its objectives and goals of life in a woman, because if the relationship ends for any reason, then have great suffering, he will be destroyed, lost, beaten, how they no longer worth live. This is what causes the obsessions of women, tragedies, and even crimes of passion.

So a man who has activities, dreams, passions, and most important objectives that a woman allows you to have greater emotional stability, and a better quality of life.

Keep an activity you're passionate about, it can be: Music, your job, a hobby, a sport, a dream etc. (In the social network you use, do not hesitate to include it in your profile)
Share with her who you are, what you want, what makes you feel that dream, that goal, include it in order to know a part of you, be proud of the man you are and not what you are not.

Let them know how to be Sexy?

If she asks you to go somewhere Saturday example, but today have a very important game of tennis, not simply cancel it, you should know that you have your priorities.

You must make it clear that things do not revolve around her, this makes you an interesting challenge.

You can also ask her to accompany you to buy "this guitar you've been saving" to see that you have goals and feel included, this increases trust and emotional connection between them.

Well, I would love to share this article with you because I consider it very important to your happiness with women.

I hope you have been to your liking and add this important quality to your personality!

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How to tell if a girl likes you?

how to tell if a girl likes you

How to tell if a girl likes you? What are the signs of feminine seduction? How to know if there is attraction?

The fact is that you can use all the techniques of seduction you want, but you also need to know if he likes you!

Knowing if a girl likes you is always a problem for many men but it is important to know how to seduce a woman.

No problem for women, or at least is not as strong.

Thanks to the fact that they have a very strong social instincts, can notice the signals of interest (attraction or liking) that sends a man.
But for us men discourse is more complex. Often in fact we can not notice no sign of feminine interest, no sign of feminine seduction, unless signs are not evident.
It is a common problem and is often underestimated, for this reason I have inserted in the free report: "Seduction: the 37 most common mistakes".
My advice is to carefully read the list below to identify the signs and know if a girl likes you. With time everything will become automatic.
The list refers mostly to what can happen in a cold approach (when leagues with an unknown woman, ie you do not have the: to know the various ways of approaching, look here).
Beware, feminine seduction signals need not be sought with insistence, because it would lead to a search for its approval in the form of interest. The signals are only views. And that's it.
Last precision: to know if he likes you signs of feminine seduction must be read in the context in which they occur. If leagues with a woman and she will not respond, and hair away touched, is not a sign of interest, okay? :-)

We start with this list of signals of interest that a woman can give you:

  • She looks even if doing you are doing other things: this is a very important signal !!

  • Maintain eye contact: osea not remove the look of yours, before meeting or after they met.

  • She asks what's your name:'ll understand, depending on the context, if this is a sign of courtesy or if it means something else.

  • We ask questions to learn more about you: it goes beyond the simple "A do you do".

  • Try to be at your side: closer and more time than they normally do people who just met.

  • Looking for excuses to talk to you: this is very easy to understand!

  • She touches her hair while talking to you: it is an unconscious gesture done to get your attention; think the birds in estrus, show his feathers to attract attention.

  • You piropea: You can alagar about anything

  • Te challenges of humorous way: this is a fantastic way to flirt too. Challenge her also you, laugh. This generates a lot of attraction.

  • It gives you a fun palmadilla: when you make fun in fun mode she will "stick" to call yourself a "fool".

  • It totally turns to you: this is a very strong signal, especially if doing so turns his back to his friends.

  • Laughs at your jokes even if they are not funny: and then look into your eyes.

  • Asks you if you have a girlfriend: This is a great sign.

  • Talk about your girlfriend without knowing if you have (to see if you say otherwise) is exactly equal to ask directly if you have a girlfriend

  • Your turn / look for (light) physical contact, if it does once, it may mean nothing if you do it twice, becoming a signal if it does more than three times is almost certain that he likes you.

  • We noted that likes the same things you love to you: to create connection.

  • Try to provoke a reaction in you: you can fake "believe" much or talk to another guy or other things.

  • Presents to their friends and can make you feel how important is that you and your friends to have a good relationship as if your were to be "approved" group.

  • Try to get noticed when find yourself to others: tries to talk more or laugh more than usual

  • Follow also talking when you drop your conversation: You can also do as proof.

  • Try to create a connection with you: that you get with emotions, not the mind.

  • We called playboy, womanizer, makes allusions to the fact that many women have: if it behaves well is a major sign that he likes you.

  • Looking for excuses to be by your side or be alone with you: this too can have great meaning.

  • When you have to go looking to find out about: like trying to tell you "do not ask me my number? or we will see?

  • When you're going asks you where you're going: like saying "you go without telling me? or do we meet again?"

How to tell if he likes: the list of things NOT ago

Sometimes instead of doing some things does not make them. For example:

  • Not follow your friends if they get away: for this very interested and likes to talk.

  • No informs you that she has a boyfriend (also if any): see ... is not that a woman has to always say, but if you end the conversation and she has not said anything ...

  • Do not away if you approach it: do not withdraw if you approach. You can also do it as evidence.

  • Do not rejected when the situation becomes Sensual: do it slowly so you can understand how he reacts.

  • Do not rejected when you propose to be alone: ​​you can propose to go for coffee or going to a bar, depends on where you are.

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Tips to Fake Confidence

Most matchmaking or dating experts would tell you that the element that matters more in any social interaction is to be confident. Even that most guys don't know this is something that women pick up very fast and is a big turn off for them. But, as we all know confidence is something that is build in years with a lot of positive experiences and also depends a lot on the personality of the person.

But, since we are here to help we have managed to give you some tips so you can give the impression that you are a natural confident and relax around women even if it is something you did not develop during the years.

Confident man attracts every women

I know that at the beginning will feel very unnatural or even strange because you are not used to be this way or behave like this but, man that are naturals with women don't even care about this and with some practice and time neither will you. Don't forget that there is a big difference between been confident and arrogant, remember that and don't cross the line.

1. Assume Attraction: At the moment you start having a conversation with any girl for the first time, assume that she is already attracted to you. What I mean with this is not just to pretend she is interested on you, “Believe it” and this will make everything you say a lot more attractive to her even if is the first time you talk to her, because you will assume she wants you already. But, don't pretend to believe it, you really need to “Believe it” to make it believable. It will make everything you do and say much more attractive on her eyes because girls know that confident guys always assume that every girl wants them.

2. Body Language: Even that most people don't know this but girls are really good reading body language so this is a big thing when you are having a conversation or around them, if you want to look confident always do slow gestures when you are talking to any girl. Don't show you are nervous or move your arms around or nothing abrupt, just remember that those are self-conscious habits that you need to correct and with a bit of practice you will sooner than you think.

3. Tonality: Speak like a man, what I mean is you need to assume that everyone around you is already interested in hearing what you have to say but, remember there is no need to yell just project your voice and also very important when you are trying to make statements don't ask her if she agrees or even worst don't say things like “right?” or “you know?” because it will make you look very insecure.

To make it more simple to you think about it this way think like every interaction you have with any girl is like a business meeting try to be that guy, the confident business man that is on a business meeting that wants to close a deal, is fun but serious at the same time. Remember also that when girls ask you something don't answer to fast since is a sign of insecurity.

Give it some time, some practice and absorb all these tips and you will see that girls will start picking them up too. Because the trick is to became that guy whose natural confidence attracts all women and most important of all if you change the way how you think so will she of what she thinks about you.

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Where I can meet HOT females in the Bay Area and in San Francisco?

Hot girls and women on the Bay Area

Usually single guys that go for dating in Bay Area tend to have problems since the girls that live there and go out are hard to get to know. You find a lot of cute girls in the Bay Area but the truth is that they are really hard to get to know them, I find that females bring a lot of attention when they go out in the Bay Area but for guys is a lot harder for them to succeed. The females in the Bay Area are a lot more sophisticated, they are educated and look for guys that have a good career, education besides money and looks. If you compare it with girls from San Francisco, they are more the “Barbie” type and the mostly look for money, looks and guys that could party.

You find those differences very often when going out in Bay Area and in San Francisco, is a lot harder to get females to open themselves and established a true friendship, possibly becoming into a relationship. In San Francisco, is a little bit easier, when girls are not so much interested in your education or degree, they look more for guys that have the whole package. But in San Francisco is a bit different, usually guys have a lot more success dating in SF, they must be open to dating with all type of girls not only white females. If they have that attitude then they will have no problem in dating and meeting lots of single females from all backgrounds.

Lately there is a new type of trend between women that are only looking for the “hot” guy type only and in some way come across very superficial and shallow. They don’t consider all those medium type guys that ask them out and usually complain they are single. There are a lot of females in the Bay Area with that attitude, and it seems every time more and more that looks are the only thing interesting to offer in Bay Area. In San Francisco, is not so much you have to remember that there is a lot of nerd type or tech type of male that has large sums of money but they are not the best looking guys. So the females in San Francisco seem a lot more down to earth, looking for natural guys and are a lot more realistic to what there chances are. Its quite surprising to see more and more girls only looking for physical attributes in males, it seems that they are looking or thinking just like men think and only considering someone interesting if they have a hot body. It’s a very shallow mentality and I hope that changes in the future because at the end of the day the females and males are going to get older, ugly and the relationships last only if they both are in love and like each others personality.

Overall those are the main differences I found when visiting the city of San Francisco Bay Area. I consider a lot more interesting and easier to date and meet hot females in San Francisco area, they are less demanding, better looking and are not so shallow. On the other hand, in Bay Area the women can be cuter but one type of females ask for education and career backgrounds plus money and looks, becoming extremely demanding and the other type you meet is extremely shallow looking only for the hot type of male only and not even considering anyone else. So don’t waste your time and head over to San Francisco and meet lots of hot females!

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Best Bars for fishing for women on bay area in San Francisco

pick up girls on a bar

The city of San Francisco has a lot to offer when it comes to bars and women. It is known that San Francisco is the perfect place for single women, since there is a 3:1 ratio between man and women. So the females when they go out in the city of San Francisco, they have always plenty of option to choose from. It is well known that if a single women goes out to a bar or club, they will have 2-3 males wanting to chat with them and showing a genuine interest.

So many single women consider San Francisco and the Bay Area an ideal place to move if they are currently single and looking to find a relationship. The gay community that is worldwide known in San Francisco is considerably small so there are many single males out there looking to find a soul mate.

There are many weird and gay guys in Bay Area so eventhough you have more guys ratio there are not qualified single males to choose from, there are also rich 30 year old from Sillicon Valley that are the ones that most girls want to meet up with.

If you look into the online dating sites such as OK Cupid you could see a large number of single females available in those sites looking to find a match in the city. Is quite notable to see that large numbers of Asian women that live in San Francisco and Bay area.

The best bars in San Francisco and the Bay Area considered by many are; Rickhouse with a beautiful interior, the Wilson & Wilson, the slanted door, shotwells, smugglers cove and bar agricole. There are other options for wine bars as well such as the 408 merchant st, 1754 polack st, 461 pacific ave, 45 rose st among others. These options are more for to take a date in a restaurant but the first options are genuine places for singles to meet women on the Bay Area and San Francisco.

One of the most known pick up bars is Lilly Mac´s that offers jazz, latin music with content with special prices and events. The happy hour is known and many young office workers tend to go on Friday or Thursday nights to enjoy early the afternoon the happy hours that goes from body shots, to tequila or famous cocktails such as long island ice tea, cosmopolitan, margarita or mojitos.

Overall the city of San Francisco and Bay Area have a lot to offer in the nightlife scene, it has a lot of pick up bars and clubs for those that prefer a more selective type of crowd. The best looking girls usually tend to go for the happy hour bars starting early and willing to meet up males. The favorable ratio of men and women makes women to be more selective and wanting to meet the ideal male to start a new relationship. So for those of you single in San Francisco, know you know the places to go and a few tips to fish for women in San Francisco and the Bay Area.

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